Nucura 100T ems  

Nucura 100T ems™ is a non invasive device with the new cutting edge Bio-Energy technology used in effective and proven treatment of Osteoarthritis, , chronic wounds and many more ailments of the human body. The technology incorporated in Nucura 100T ems™ is BIO ENERGY ELECTROMEGNETIC SIGNAL ( BEEMS and commonly known as PEMF) is a highly complex technology which influences body cell behavior by inducing NANO electrical charges around and within the body cell. It increases the blood supply. Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, activating , repairing the cells. Improved calcium Transport increases absorption of calcium in bones and further improves the quality of Cartilage in joints and decreasing pain dramatically. Acute.

Bio electromagnetism is the area of study which “BEEMS”( PEMF) referred to by the scientific community. It is backed by 30 years of research, initially beginning in Eastern Europe. The non-invasive treatment involves application of Bio energy Electromagnetic beams to healtissues that wear and tear due to ageing.

By applying BEEMS therapy , tens of thousands of the patients have been successfully treated across the world during last few years.

Polluted environment, high incidence of acidic food intake, physical inactivity, daily stress and sedentary life style, have caused the loss of calcium from the Bones, damaging the cartilage of joints, specially the knees, osteoarthritis results in impairment of movement and cause chronic pain. Though many therapies are been tried , the results have not been very good and the patients are forced to expensive surgery.

BEEMS therapy treatment world over specially in Europe, there are remarkable results in terms of pain relief